Static IP Addresses

All our Broadband plans come with a Dynamic IP address. This means that when your Broadband modem is either restarted or re-authenticates your IP address is chosen at random from a pool of available space. If you require the same IP address constantly (Static IP) we offer this for a monthly fee of $2.20/month.

We also offer subnets to be routed to your Static IP address should you require more than 1 IP address on your broadband connection. Please be advised that should you require a subnet greater than a /30 (4 Static IPs) then we will require documentation from you to demonstrate how you will utilise this address space. The charges for subnets is shown below;

/30 Subnet /29 Subnet /28 Subnet /27 Subnet
Yearly Fee $64.00 $128.00 $256.00 $512.00
IP Addresses 4 8 16 32
Useable Space 2 6 14 30

The usable space can be increased if you are utilsing a function such as NAT or another form of routing on the termination device that doesn’t require the network and broadcast IP addresses. Please note that we do not provide support for routing other than confirming that the routes are being routed to your Static IP correctly.